Retail Betting Software Development

Retail Betting Software Development Features

Vlsisoftech has a significant experience in this field so can anticipate the emerging trends of market very well. Our forward looking approach enables us to provide future-proof solutions. We offer compelling user experience to all over the world including all sales channels. With a wide range of terminals designed with the right software platform as well as gaming engine, users can fulfill all kind of their business needs. Our retail betting software covers following features:

Central Control of Entire Network

We have a comprehensive branch network solution for all betting companies. With our software you will have the ability to control everything from one place, i.e. central place. So users can manage it by region or by branch

POS Terminal

We have all in one touch screen terminal with the graphical display to the customer. We have integrated printer, RFID card reader and latest 2 D scanner that allows QR code reading, scanning tickets and ID cards.

Efficient and user-friendly

Our retail betting software is quite simple to operate and provides great efficiency and speed for placing bets.

Self-service Terminal

We offer a unique system of self-service betting kiosk. We have touch screen option where users and players can logging through RFID chips. User can check tickets with the help of barcode readers. In our account option, banknotes and coins are also accepted.

Digital Signage

We provide API for external systems including LCD views in branch, TV, teletext and so on. We cater perfect solutions for supporting LIVE. Our application allows the output to up 5 external monitors to show various offers, results, and so on.

Retail Betting Software Development Advance Features

Vlsisoftech’s objective is to serve all kinds of business needs of all our clients. We have Retailer terminals, Self-Service and Vending machines, frontend and backend platforms so whether it is in exclusive gaming stores or non-dedicated retail venues we will serve perfectly.

Front-End And Back-End Platforms

With our software user can enjoy easy integration into other platform.

Maximum Security

Our branch network is connected through VPN that can ensure maximum security of the data transfer.

Comprehensive Branch Equipment

We offer comprehensive branch network solution for betting companies from all over the world.

Easy Installation

Our retail betting software can be easily installed on your existing POS.

Retail Betting Software Development Advantage

With our software you will get large RAM, i.e up to 16 GB, high resistance to shocks, fanless system.

Flexible connectivity to any peripherals 6xUSB, 4xRS-232, 1x Parallel, LAN, Drawer port, and so on.

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